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“How Are We Doing?” Data Narrative and Performance Management with Socrata

Emily Rund, Sr Product Manager, Socrata

Lindsay Palmer, CAO Staff Officer, County of San Diego

A Clear Path to Open Data Maturity with Socrata Blueprint

Jackie Golden, SVP, Customer Success, Socrata

A Data Scientist, By Any Other Name…

Merav Yuravlivker, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Data Society

Dmitri Adler, Chief Data Scientist, Data Society

A Year of Fellowship with What Works Cities

Katherine Klosek, Senior Implementation Advisor, Cities, Center for Government Excellence, Johns Hopkins University

Julie Steenson, Deputy Performance Officer, Kansas City, Missouri

Bringing a CitiStat Approach to the Department Level

Julie Steenson, Deputy Performance Officer, Kansas City, Missouri

Bringing Transportation Infrastructure into the Future

Anthony Hernandez, Principal, Advisory Services, Grant Thorton

Mike Barba, Sr. Manager, Grant Thornton

Data Management & Publishing: New Features for Making Your Data Live

Trey Causey, Senior Product Manager, Socrata

Urmila Nadkarni, Engineering Manager, Socrata

Essential Information for Communities: Introducing Socrata Citizen Connect

Kyle Hall, Product Manager, Socrata

Eric Romero, Dir. of Information Technology , Baton Rouge

Excellence through Accountability: Baltimore’s Approach to Policing

Ganesha Martin, Chief, Department of Justice Compliance and Accountability/External Affairs at Baltimore Police Department

Getting Transit and the Sheriff to Help with Public Health Outcomes

Trudy Raymundo, Director of Public Health, San Bernardino County, CA

Josh Lee, Chief of Planning, San Bernardino County Transportation Authority

How Government Could Guide Tech’s Next Revolution

Kakul Srivastava, VP Product Management, Github

How to Approach the Opioid Epidemic with Data

Brandon Crowley, Chief Data Officer, City of Cincinnati, OH

Jim Brooks, Director, City Solutions, National League of Cities

How to Manage and Scale Your Open Data Program

Christian Hoogerheyde, Product Manager, Socrata

Victoria Lewis, dataMontgomery Project Manager, Department of Technology Services, Montgomery County, MD Government

How to Take Departments through a Data Deep Dive

Beth Mitchell, Director of Performance & Innovation, Salt Lake County

Tyler Running Deer, Deputy Director, Performance Management & Internal Operations, Office of the Mayor, City of Seattle

Brittany Allen, Assoc. Division Director, Planning & Development, Salt Lake County

Innovation in the Cloud

Teresa Carlson, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services

Lead with Financial Data

Catheryn Whitesell, Director of the Strategy, Transparency, Innovation and Resiliency (STIR) Office, Virginia Beach, VA

Lead with Open Data

Brett Goldstein, Managing Partner, Ekistic Ventures

Charlie Catlett, Senior Computer Scientist, U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory

Lead with Performance Data

Rushern L. Baker, III, County Executive, Prince George’s County, MD

Carla Truitt, CEO, Be Clean Cleaning

James R. Coleman, CEO, President, Prince George's County Economic Development Corp

Charles A. Brown, Community Representative, Prince George's County

Light Poles as Hubs: Chicago’s “Array of Things” Advances Data Sensor Use and Computation

Charlie Catlett, Senior Computer Scientist, U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory

Mapping Out Homeless Services in Salt Lake City

Nole Walkingshaw, Civic Engagement and Innovations Manager, Salt Lake City, UT

Millions of API Calls Are Transforming Holland’s Auto Industry

Gert Jans Holland, Manager, RDW Registration and Information, Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW)

Martine van Heijnsbergen, Manager of Open Data, Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW)

Chris Metcalf, Director of Developer Experience, Socrata

No Kid Hungry: How Public Data Analysis Is Helping to End Child Hunger

David Sloan, Director, Share Our Strength Maryland's No Kid Hungry Campaign

Once Upon a Time: From Data to Stories

Jonathan Schwabish, Senior Fellow, Urban Institute

Open Data, So What? Why Data-Driven Decisions Matter Now More than Ever

Juan Lopez, Director of Technology and Innovation, City of Los Angeles

Rebuilding Trust

Joel Howrani Heeres, Director of Open Data & Analysis, City of Detroit, MI

Teaching Data Skills at City Hall and in Communities

Robyn Mace, Chief Data Officer, City of Nashville

Eric Roche, Chief Data Officer, Office of Performance Management, Kansas City, Missouri

Water, Sewer, Data: A Smart Approach to Aging Infrastructure

Justin Bruce, Director of Innovation and Performance, City of Jackson, MS

Frank Cillette, Department Analyst, Office of Performance & Transformation, State of Michigan

What They’re Walking Into: How Public Building Data Is Saving First Responders’ Lives

Rami El-Choufani, Chief Operating Officer, First Due Size Up

Andreas Huber, CEO, First Due Size Up

Why Isn’t Open Data in My Neighborhood?

Amen Ra Mashariki, Chief Analytics Officer, New York City