Water, Sewer, Data: A Smart Approach to Aging Infrastructure

Tuesday, March 7 | 2:20 pm - 3:00 pm

America's aging infrastructure must be addressed but requires significant funds and ongoing support from taxpayers to repair. How can the process be made transparent and more engaging for citizens? Bring in data! Hear from Jackson, Mississippi's Director of Innovation and Performance Justin Bruce about how data, metrics, measurement, and accountability are helping him find efficiencies and support as he guides his city through massive infrastructure repair. Also, Departmental Analyst Frank Cillette from the State of Michigan’s Office of Performance and Transformation will explain how he has built a transparency site around the Flint water issue that involves multiple departments, citizen input, and is designed to keep all key players involved and accountable.


Justin Bruce

Director of Innovation and Performance, City of Jackson, MS

Frank Cillette

Department Analyst, Office of Performance & Transformation, State of Michigan