How to Take Departments through a Data Deep Dive

Monday, March 6 | 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

What dataset or collection of datasets could have the most impact on a program's performance? When Salt Lake County's permitting team did a top to bottom review of their processes, Director of Performance and Accountability Beth Mitchell engaged them in a “Why-What if-How” conversation that led to substantial cost savings. Meanwhile, Seattle's Organizational Performance Director Tyler Running-Deer guided the City's Finance and Administrative Department through a 12-week process, reviewing each line of business for useful data and efficiencies. Learn about both Mitchell and Running-Deer's wins and lessons from inquiry-based performance planning.


Beth Mitchell

Director of Performance & Innovation, Salt Lake County

Tyler Running Deer

Deputy Director, Performance Management & Internal Operations, Office of the Mayor, City of Seattle

Brittany Allen

Assoc. Division Director, Planning & Development, Salt Lake County