Millions of API Calls Are Transforming Holland’s Auto Industry

Tuesday, March 7 | 12:15 pm - 12:45 pm

The Netherlands has 13.5 million cars on the road. Its dataset hosting details on these cars records 50,000 changes per day on average and is updated every 24 hours. What does a massive, current dataset like this provide? A wealth of material for developers. Dozens are now creating apps and starting new businesses using this free, public resource. Learn how the Dutch motor vehicle authority (RDW) took the leap of making their data open and API-enabled and how they and the citizens of Holland are benefitting from low-cost, social innovation.


Gert Jans Holland

Manager, RDW Registration and Information, Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW)

Martine van Heijnsbergen

Manager of Open Data, Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW)

Chris Metcalf

Director of Developer Experience, Socrata