This year’s Socrata Connect will feature over 50 sessions – all highlighting the transformative power of data. Whether main stage keynote or hands-on workshop, you’ll see the best in class ways that your data can be put to work solving your government’s biggest challenges.

Check back often, the agenda is in development and more sessions are added daily.

HHS CTO Bruce Greenstein envisions as world where, "Decisions are higher quality, more insightful, more efficient, and more impactful because data has been connected." Hear about his work at HHS on the opioid crisis where surfacing, sharing, and reviewing data from multiple sources has inspired novel approaches to our nation's epidemic.
​What consistently stands in the way of successful government performance and analytics programs? Data silos! Join us to learn how the most innovative governments are eliminating the burden of ad-hoc reporting and providing self-service access to data for decision makers while enjoying the freedoms of using the analytics tools of their choice. This presentation will be moderated by Socrata Director of Customer Success Jessica Carsten and feature speakers from LA City Finance, State of Michigan, and City of Austin.
When HHS Chief Data Officer Mona Siddiqui designed a code-a-thon to address opioids she gathered together 70+ datasets and invited some of the brightest minds in the country. But, she could never have predicted what would come after that. Hear from Mona, Connecticut CDO Tyler Kleykamp, and Yale medical student Matthew Erlendson about how their interest in addressing opioids with data brought them together to create a product designed to save lives.
In this informative, interactive panel discussion, hear from city and county government leaders and learn how they use performance management internally and externally to drive real change. The panel will be moderated by Socrata Product Manager Robin Rosenberg and feature Anna Roach, Chief Strategy Officer, County of Fulton, GA; Kimberly Olivares, Chief Performance Officer, City of Austin, TX; Melissa Bridges, Performance & Innovation Coordinator, City of Little Rock KS; and Laura Shearin, Business Administration Manager, City of Henderson, NV.
Join Socrata's Chief Product Officer Saf Rabah as he unveils new Socrata products and features designed specifically for government executives and staff at all levels. Learn about the latest features added to Socrata's existing product line, and hear how your input inspired them. Plus, you'll get a sense of what is coming down the pipeline this year.
When Amazon announced its search for a new headquarters, it described the qualities of a city that would best support its success. The city needs to be ready to grow and develop its economy at a rapid rate. How can any city foster rapid economic growth? What role can data play? Socrata Digital Government Principal and former New Orleans analytics lead, Oliver Wise, hosts a panel of HQ2 applicant cities to discuss economic development and data.
Why is Socrata CEO Kevin Merritt so glad to see you all in Austin? We'll hear what he's most excited about for Socrata Connect, highlight some recent customer achievements, and share his vision for the coming year.
The team from our host city, Austin, have been busy shining up their boots for our arrival. Hear from their executive team about their many outstanding data programs supported by Socrata - from a capital projects portal to their data liaisons program to Performance ATX. And, find about their "Imagine Austin" plan for an even more successful, beautiful city in the future.
While new sensors and programs can bring in useful data and spark ideas, often the data you've already collected holds solutions to your toughest problems. Hear from Seattle's Smart City Coordinator Kate Garman and Open Data Program Manager David Doyle about their work to dig into and utilize their existing data to create a smarter Seattle.
The city of Nashville has been working to bring data education to all city staff in recent years, from the Parks and Fire Departments, and everyone in between. Hear from CIO Keith Durbin about why they are investing in data education, their approach to the process, and the outstanding outcomes they are seeing as more staffers bring data to their decisions.
The past few years have brought natural disasters at an alarming scale and frequency. Most governments are rethinking how they prepare for and respond to these events. How can you use data to prevent and manage these moments better? Hear from the Socrata team and City of Santa Rosa CIO Eric McHenry about the novel, high-impact ways that data helped with real-time housing needs during the Sonoma Fires and in the tracking recovery efforts, neighborhood by neighborhood.
What are best practices for organizations that want to combine internal peformance management and LEAN? Former Director of Innovation and Performance for the City of Jacksonville, Mississippi, Justin Bruce, will host a panel of performance management and LEAN experts. Learn proven, practical approaches for blending the two practices.
The issue of blight affects cities across the nation but some are finding more efficient and clever ways of dealing with it. Former Director of the New Orleans Office of Peformance and Accountability Oliver Wise will host a panel to highlight work done by city leaders who bring data from multiple sources to create lasting, cost-effective solutions.
What does it look like when focus mainly on internal data sharing and open data simply becomes a byproduct of your staff's daily work together? Join Socrata Director of Solutions Engineering Chris Metcalf as he presents a "day in the life" of a data program manager whose first priority is sucessful internal data management.
How does your organization facilitate data sharing between departments, decide which data to prioritize sharing first and whether it should be made public? These and so many other decisions fall into the category of data governance. Join former Deputy CountyStat Manager for Prince George's County, Maryland, Alex Krughoff, as he leads a panel discussion on the topic of data governance and current best practices.
San Bernardino County's Health Department won't let its strategic plan "sit on a shelf." Instead, it's working with staff to create internal performance dashboards for each group's goals. Hear how department director Trudy Raymundo led the initiative, worked to organize the data, and involved staffers throughout the process to boost buy-in.
The USC Price Center for Social Innovation recently launched its Neighborhood Data for Social Change (NDSC) platform, designed to help residents of Los Angeles County neighborhoods advocate for a better quality of life. Now, the LA Department of Neighborhood Empowerment is teaching community members to use the platform. Hear how dynamic, up-to-date, interactive demographic data is inspiring economic growth and youth engagement.
Understand what makes up a Digital Center of Excellence and how to build a scalable DCoE that meets your organization needs. This session will include lessons on structure, validation, tying it all together and monitoring.
If you have been looking for a better, automated task-scheduler, this presentation will introduce Apache Airflow. It's a python-based, extremely flexible task scheduler for running custom code, bash/bat scripts, and much more. We will dig into pros and cons, setup, creating jobs, monitoring, and running DAGs in parallel.
Come hear real stories on how departments are using internal data sharing to gather better insights, get a 360-degree view of their top problems, and improve service delivery. Then, we'll go over best practices for turning all of those insights into a relevant, compelling story for the public.
Learn best practices for developing a structured and effective performance management program that drives results.
Are you effectively transforming your data from numbers in a spreadsheet to maps, charts, graphs, and more? Data visualizations help your internal teams, as well as the citizens you serve, quickly understand the lessons in each dataset. Come prepared to share challenges and successes, and leave with tips and techniques to inspire creativity. This session will include automation options, mapping, and other best practices.
What are the current best practices for metadata use right now? What could work best for your organizationa? We'll review different approaches government organizations are taking right now and then help you right-size your own metadata schema by taking an enterprise approach. This session includes technical updates using APIs and FME.
Basic data extracts may not always contain the most value, but transformation processes baked into the Socrata platform or done as part of an extract, transform, load (ETL) process can add insight and expedite analysis. Socrata's new data ingress process has features to enable geocoding, data manipulation, and more. Off-platform technologies such as FME, Python, and Pentaho can achieve even more value from your existing source data.
Service requests are a great way for local governments to receive input from constituents and discover exactly which services are needed and when. The data can be used to monitor what is happening on the ground and improve your organization's responsiveness, performance, and resource allocation. We'll review the many third-party, 311 data service providers who offer an API that can be leveraged to build internal and external tools, build visualizations, and allow users to set alerts based on 311 service requests.
This sessions includes dataset management, open performance, alerts, and user-creation API topics.
Learn how your organization can perform sophisticated analysis of data published on Socrata via OData endPoints using business intelligence tools like Power BI, Excel, and Tableau.