Tricia Wang
Global Tech Ethnographer, Co-founder, Sudden Compass

Global technology ethnographer Dr. Tricia Wang, helps companies innovate and grow by integrating big data — all that you know about your customers and your market — with thick data, the human element that is invisible to

quantitative data analysis. Tricia is the co-founder of Sudden Compass, a consulting firm that helps companies achieve growth by scaling and extracting insights from data about their customers. She’s also co-founded Magpie Kingdom, a content and strategy company showcasing stories about the Chinese internet through a weekly newsletter and advising companies on how to understand the Chinese consumer. On the platform, Tricia is a warm and natural speaker, a creative and expressive storyteller.

Her work resonates with a wide audience, from C-Suite leaders to data scientists to designers to marketers and to
university students.

There is no greater risk than being blind to the unknown.