Justin Bruce
Data, Innovation, and Performance Management Practice Leader, Socrata

Mr. Justin C. Bruce is an innovative, creative leader born and raised in the Jackson metro area of Mississippi.  Bruce served as the first Director of Innovation and Performance for the City of Jackson after holding management positions in retail and telecom companies.  While holding this position, Jackson started down the path of becoming a data-driven government. Bruce and Jackson successfully implemented an open data program, JackStats performance management program, and developed a culture of process improvement through simple data analytics.  Jackson’s work has been highlighted by major universities, public and private sector entities, and leading practitioners across the country.

Justin was selected as a Next Generation Leader in 2015 through his work with the African American Mayors Association.  Most recently, he received the 2017 Emerging Leader Award from the American Society of Public Administration’s Center for Accountability and Performance.  Justin has a wonderful wife (Anna) and four stellar children (Justin – 8; Charles – 5; Eli - 21mo ; Emry - 3mo)