Kimberly Olivares
Chief Performance Officer, City of Austin, TX

Kimberly Olivares is the Chief Performance Officer for the City of Austin. She has served the City of Austin in various roles since 2003. Prior to this role, Kimberly was Deputy Budget Officer where she oversaw the City’s capital improvements program finances, budget information technology services, and performance measurement program.

In 2015, the City recognized the need for a greater focus on performance management via the creation of the Office of Performance Management. Kimberly was selected to launch the office and built it to offer strategic plan development and implementation, performance measurement, data analytics, and process improvement functions. Kimberly is motivated to serve the community through data driven decision making and continuous improvement. This passion in combination with her educational background and experience with performance measurement while in the Budget Office drew her to performance management in local government.

Fun fact? Kimberly was a percussion teacher before starting her career with the City. She believes teaching and fostering creativity among kids greatly influenced her desire to empower and encourage the City’s workforce to use its creativity for continuous improvement as we serve the community.